Formerly Tschechisches Zentrum


Conny Opper and Elizabeth Gordon together run the Konzulát with exhibitions and parties. In a prefabricated building in the former rooms of the Czech club with a large marble foyer, the club existed two years. It was a bit like jumping into a time machine. Leipziger Straße exudes a hint of “Nowhere Land” with its urban skyscrapers. The club revived a little the Berlin feeling of the 90s. True to the motto. It can get a bit dirty at night too.

My day is the night

Whenever you think that Mitte is finally fucked up, a new location will appear.

One Euro shops and billard next door.

Leipziger Strasse was and still is a no-man's-land

The morning after

Building sins from GDR times and horns on eight tracks